Boulder City UHF DMR/YSF
Northwest Repeater Group NW7RG
Contact: Corey KC7MRQ [email protected]

Repeater particulars:
444.850 MHz, offset plus 5 MHz
DMR Admission: Color code 1
DMR ID: 313010
Yaesu System Fusion Enabled

1.5 miles NW on Depot Hill. The site is a private residence at 5390 ft overlooking  the town of Boulder. 

Equipment specifics:
The system is comprised of an Yaesu DR-1X repeater and MMDVM setup. The MMDVM is built with an Arduino Due / INADVM combo, raspberry pi, and PI-STAR image. 
The antenna system uses a TX-RX vari-notch duplexer, 1/2" heliax, and a dual band collinear antenna.  

Operational mode:
The system is set up in a multimode configuration. DMR and YSF modes are available to the public. Scanning of both modes occur 60 seconds after last local transmission. 

DMR: Brandmeister
YSF: YSFReflector at

Static talk groups:
Time Slot 1
Time Slot 2

The Boulder repeater is part of the Northwest Repeater Group (NW7RG) family of linked analog and digital systems across the states. The YSF reflector is available by utilizing the DX button on your Yaesu radio. You will be able to search and connect to a large selection of rooms around the world. Certain features such as local and international news, text messaging, and voice recording is currently disabled on the YSF mode. Please disconnect from the room at the end of your conversation by holding the * button down on your radio.

NW7RG members can be reached on DMR TG31304.

Future enhancements to the system will include an analog to DMR bridge that will connect Allstar Link node 40668 to TG31304. P25 and D-STAR digital modes are currently disabled on the system until more local hams show a desire to use these modes. Further information on the group can be found at