April 27, 2019
The empire grows. Tom WR7AGT is in Albuquerque, installing a new MPRG DMR repeater at a site on Sandia Crest. The new 443.300 repeater is connected to the BrandMeister network and is operating dual-mode, providing DMR and analog FM coverage over a substantial portion of central New Mexico. He is also setting up the future Mt Taylor 443.350 repeater at Dallas' shop in Albuquerque so it will be tested and ready for installation at Mt Taylor this summer.

Larry N7YET marked on through the Dillon Badger Pass repeater today. This is noteworthy because Badger Pass has been stand-alone, disconnected from the BrandMeister network since last fall due to the failure of the microwave radio at Badger Pass. Some digging showed that the radio started working 3 days ago, bringing Badger Pass back onto the network. We don't know why it failed months ago or why it came back to life on its own.

April 10, 2019
Darrell K7IUI created a codeplug for Anytone 868 and 878. It is posted under Downloads > Downloads for Anytone.

Starting Over April 7, 2019
Due to [stuff, this and that, excuses], this web site has been neglected for many months. Some of the information is badly outdated so we are starting over. The #1 priority right now is to make the latest MD-380/390 sample codeplug available for download. A lot has changed in Montana since the last 380/390 codeplug was pushed out. The latest version includes zones for sites that didn't exist in Western Montana with the previous version and also a lot of new to DMR hams are now included in Digital Contacts. Under Downloads, grab page 1 of the worksheet to see the new zones and channels layout then if you are interested, download the codeplug from the Hytera page for your MD-380 and 390. As always, there is no guarantee of anything when using our sample code plugs so you need to be able to backout of this change to your radio. Before you program your radio, at a minimum, please change the Radio ID number to your own.

More to follow,
Mike KB8ML & Tom WR7AGT