Information for Visitors

Short version: You want to make use of the powers that BrandMeister brings to DMR so you can talk to your buddies back home while you are vacationing here in Montana. Not a problem, we support that! All we ask is you configure your home talk group to use time slot 1. For communicating with us locals, take a look at the web page for each site you plan to operate on and note the talk group in time slot 2. That is where you will find local activity. Although Montana Statewide 3130 is static on most of the DMR BrandMeister repeaters in Montana, you may have a hard time getting a response to a call. Most hams monitor the club talk group for their area.

Twenty-two sites: Do I really need to put all 22 sites in my code plug? Or even 4 sites for Bozeman or 5 sites for Helena? Twenty-one of the sites are UHF, one in Helena is on 2 meters.

If you are visiting and staying in Helena and the Helena Valley, maybe the only site you need in your radio is Helena North Hills. It provides excellent coverage throughout the valley as well as downtown Helena and the State Capitol areas.

If you are in Montana on your way to Yellowstone Park, maybe just a few of the very-high-performance sites will do. If you are arriving through Bozeman, add Bridger Ridge to your codeplug. This site covers the Bozeman area as well as a substantial distance east and west along I-90. It also covers US-89 south toward Gardiner for those entering the park via the North entrance. Lone Mountain will provide coverage south along portions of US-191 for those traveling to West Yellowstone. West Yellowstone is not a high-performance site but is one you may want in your codeplug if you are staying in that town during your visit to the park. Arriving in the area from the west, Red Mountain should be in your codeplug. It covers a lot of miles of I-90, overlapping coverage with Bridger Ridge to its east.