NM Capilla Peak: Torrence County

Although it is located in another state, this site is associated with Montana and has as its primary talk group 31301 MPRG1, which ties it to Helena

Torrence County, New Mexico - Capilla Peak Site UHF DMR

Mac Pass Repeater Group WR7HLN

Contact: Tom WR7AGT [email protected]

Repeater particulars:

443.250 MHz, plus 5 MHz offset

DMR admission: Color Code 1

DMR Radio ID: 310012


Capilla Peak, 30 miles southeast of downtown Albuquerque, 9300 feet above sea level.

Equipment specifics:

Motorola MTR3000 repeater 50 watts

Celwave PD-1151 8dBd omni pattern antennas. Tower height is 120 feet, repeater antenna is on top. Antenna HAAT = 466 feet.

Operational mode:

Single-mode, DMR only


DMR: Brandmeister via Verizon 4G service

Static talk groups:

Time Slot 1 31302 MPRG23135 New Mexico Statewide, 8 MPRG Cluster3130 Montana Statewide Saturday only 7PM to 8PM

Time Slot 2 31301 MPRG1 Mac Pass Repeater Group

Dynamic talk groups:

Time Slot 1 All BrandMeister talk groups

Time Slot 2 PLEASE DO NOT USE TIME SLOT 2 for dynamic talk groups


Coverage includes [tbd]. 

9/29/20 On the air.

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